Welcome to SP3DTech. Came to life in August 2021 with a mission of designing, developing and manufacturing low-cost 3D rapid prototyping solutions for students, hobbyists, DIY and the scientific community.

We have already made a high-speed FDM-based 3D printer with a build volume of 300mm X 300mm X 300mm and are accepting the orders. The printer is entirely Made in India with most of the parts machined locally and assembled as a fine-tuned 3D printer with a stable firmware running on in-house developed 32-bit electronics and regular firmware updates if needed.

Even though 3D printing is our primary domain, we also provide technological solutions and end products as per the user’s requirements.

We also take up special R&D assignments to assist users in product design, development and prototyping.

Started as a hobby by one of our founders, we have now a wide range of highly customized photographic equipment and imaging as well as spectroscopic solutions at our disposal.

To know more, drop a mail to sp3dtechnologies@gmail.com with your design files. For first-time customers, we offer special discounts on 3D printers and related services.